CDM provides a comprehensive Project management and owner's representative service, pre and post contract, through construction to final acceptance, overseeing the successful handover and delivery of your yacht.

INCEPTION:  From the outset we work closely with you to define the key services required to suit your specific needs.   We become your main point of contact between owner and shipyard. We set out the terms of engagement for clarity and mutual agreement to avoid any misunderstanding at a later date.

We have found that the most successful projects are founded on close collaboration with the Shipyard, we strive to create and maintain a positive working relationship where all parties share the same vision, goals and programme. We draw on our technical expertise and general build experience to act in your best interest at all times.

CDM Yacht Consultancy provide the following services:

  • PLANNING - We support the early planning stage pre-build to inform a realistic programme that meets your requirements. We review the comprehensive technical specification to ensure your requirements are met and that this is incorporated in the contract to mitigate potential additions and therefore unforeseen expense later in the build.  CDM can assist you with the selection and appointment of the interior designer and specialist suppliers, support the briefing and tendering processes.

  • ​NEGOTIATION - We are happy to advise on contract negotiations, stage payment structure, performance and quality guarantees.  When issues do arise we are experienced in reaching reasonable financial recompense.

  • RISK MANAGEMENT - We identify key risks early to enable innovative problem solving in close collaboration with the Shipyard to minimise additional cost or impact to programme.

  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT - To ensure any changes to the contract specification is undertaken with minimal cost, programme impact and help prevent any penalties we will support you in any changes required early in the build / re-fit.

  • PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT - We monitor progress to plan during the build / re-fit, reporting early on any potential issues to enable early mitigation to seek early resolution and minimise delays.  CDM actively communicate between Shipyard, Naval Architect, Interior Designers's and specialists to deliver quality, on time and to budget.

  • QUALITY - Regular planned checks throughout the build / re-fit process ensure the highest quality of design, engineering and finish is achieved. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail to achieve the highest quality in build and Interior standards.

  • COMMUNICATION - we act as facilitators to ensure good communication between all parties, an essential element to a successful build or refit.   We provide regular, easy to understand reporting to keep you informed and aid timely decision making throughout all stages. 

  • SNAGGING -   To check that the final build / refit is in accordance with the contract and specification during the engineering and build stages to pre handover stage.  We formally highlight any defects for rectification, overseeing this work by the shipyard before final handover.  

  • SEA TRIALING - We attend the sea trials to gain evidence the vessel proves performance capabilities, meeting range and sound, vibration guarantees.

  • CODE COMPLIANCE - We arrange all coding compliance requirements for MCA LY3 large yacht code as well as MCA Small commercial vessels.

  • CREW SELECTION - Your future sea faring adventures, safety and well-being, will be inextricably linked to the expertise, personalities and team dynamic of a unique crew and leadership of the Captain.  We can support you in the selection, appointment of your Captain and crew.  We will also support and assist you, the Captain and crew with the final days, weeks leading up to a successful maiden voyage.​

  • WARRANTY - We agree any potential warranty issues with the builder and agree timescales and attendance for any warranty items to be repaired or replaced.

CDM arrange all registration requirements and we are CE Recreational Craft Directive Specialists.

​​CDM arrange additional charter licences where required.

CDM Yacht Consultancy Surveyors carry out Pre-purchase Surveys and valuations across Europe and the UK.

CDM Yacht Consultancy carry out Annual certification and Commercial coding certification for vessels under 24 metres.

Bespoke Project Management and Owner's Representative Service

Flag Class Registration

CE RCD Specialist



    Yacht Surveyors and Marine Consultants